Often times, we are always looking for answers and sometimes we find them in the most unlikely places. We hold on to the thought of new things bringing good things and I can imagine you stumbling upon a new page with curiosity. With you thinking, could this be good too?

Hi, I’m Oyinkansola Omolabake, my writings majorly show perspectives that are not popular but valid, in a bid to help our minds see things differently towards the end that we approach life from a vantage point. Oh! I forgot to mention, I’m a Christian and I love God passionately, He is the reference point of all my writings. Let’s learn and grow together.

Latest from the Blog

Prisoner of Hope

Looking back, I think about the times I wished for the impossible to be possible, times I wished I had magical powers and by the wave of a wand, I could get things done. I have always been one to look at the bright side of things, but in truth, I often know when toContinue reading “Prisoner of Hope”

Everybody is using everybody

A single tree cannot make a forest, at the same time a broomstick cannot be used as a broom.We are beings wrapped up with emotions, feelings and lots of other factors that allows us to be humans. Our humane nature should however not be a hindrance in our approach to life especially in our relationshipsContinue reading “Everybody is using everybody”

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